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What is WiiFlow?


WiiFlow is a homebrew USB loader for the Nintendo Wii
home video game console and the Wii-U home video game console in Wii Menu mode only.
Wiiflow displays the games and apps you have on a SD card or a USB device in a coverflow
display using the box covers of the games and launches them when you're ready to play or use them.
No more having to use the slow dvd disc drive or risk scratching your disc.
Keep your discs somewhere safe and out of the way. Use Wiiflow to store them and organize them.
Even seperate your games into categories and favorites.
WiiFlow comes with a simple GUI (Graphic User Interface) to access menus based on pages and buttons for changing
the settings of your game and wiiflow itself. It's capable of launching Wii games, GameCube games, WiiWare games,
Virtual Console games, and Homebrew apps and games all from a USB device or SD card. Plus with WiiFlows intuitive
plugin system you can launch more games via retro game emulators and even view videos and listen to music.
WiiFlow can even launch Wii and GameCube games from retail or backup discs. Setting up Wiiflow and learning
all the controls and options can be a bit complicated or time consuming but in the end its all worth it.




The name WiiFlow is derived from a combination of Wii and Coverflow.
Wii because it was originally made to play Wii games on the Wii and Coverflow because it displays the game covers in a
Coverflow style like that found on Apple Inc. products such as the iPhone, iPod, and iTunes.

WiiFlow is based on WiiFlow 1.1 by @Hibernatus. After Hibernatus completed WiiFlow 1.1, he left the project and
released it as open source in 2009. @Lustar (Zorglub07) started and became owner of the WiiFlow google source code pages
and the first developers were @Narolez, @thedarkness1981 @(nIxx), and later @r-win who quickly released 2.0 in 2010.
Then @Miigotu joined r-win and they released 2.1 and shortly after that 2.2 and eventually 3.0 in 2011.
@Fix94, @OverjoY, and team took over and released 3.1 and after lots of modifying and adding new features released the much
improved WiiFlow 4 in 2012. Through the next year 4.1 and 4.2 were released in 2013. Beta's were released in 2014 but
never became a official release. Currently WiiFlow production has stopped do to the release of the Wii-U and the downfall
of many developers moving on to other things. @Fix94 is still around but currently busy with the great Nintendont.
In the mean time @Abdallahterro has taken WiiFlow and unofficially been adding many options and features to it, such as
the ability to play GameCube games via Nintendont and he calls it WiiFlow Masterpiece or WiiFlow MasterMod.






Box Covers


A full 3d box, front to back coverflow interface

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If You Going to Use WiiFlow On (Wii)

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vWii WiiU System


If You Going to Use WiiFlow On (vWii)

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Detailed Setup Instructions For:

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